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Social Media

As we live in a digital era, I had to keep up to date with the new technologies. Attending seminars, networking events, short workshops and online courses, I am confident in using Social Media tools for business.

it’s very important for me that a company has a very meaningful presence online, promoting the right message. With my imagery and marketing background, I make sure that I respect the grammar, use high-quality images, respect copyrights and use “call to action” to keep my target audience engaged and interacting with my posts.

This effective way to advertise is free or have reasonably low costs. Using photos with creative quotes, videos, offering prizes and connecting to people with same interests, I do believe that a company can succeed without spending money, what makes easier for start-ups / small and medium business. I have vast experience with new companies, setting up new accounts and training the staff who will be responsible for content.

Project | 02

Photography and retouching

With 12 years of experience, since I bought my first camera, I have been photographing nature, starting with plants for a Biology University course, so they could use the images to print books and other material.

Around 8 years ago I was working at a radio station but my passion for photography wouldn’t keep me behind the microphone for long. As I was always involved with music events it didn’t take too long before I started to photograph concerts.

In 2007, after working for a big modelling agency, I set up my own studio in a busy metropole. My experience goes from contacting customers, arranging photoshoots, location, production, setting lights, directing and post-production.

Project | 03

Marketing & Design

Graduated in Social Communication, I have been studying Marketing since 1999 at University, where I created Marketing projects including Email marketing for business when it was just new in the market. With the highest score, my teacher suggested me to sell it to a company. I approached 6 companies and 5 of them, including a national one, bought a weekly Newsletter, which I would use Page Maker and Photoshop to build. It helped me to buy my first car!

My goal is to become a Marketing Manager / Head of Marketing.

One of these companies accepted my application for a PR internship, where I started to learn more about Marketing for business.

Project | 04

Websites & Blogs

Before Uni (1998), I built my very first website using HTML, with FrontPage and then Dream Waver. My studies resulted in a Microsoft certificate for HTML in 2001. I apply to my work all that I have learned from the very first internship. As a Senior Marketing Executive, I develop marketing strategies, promotional materials (photography, design, content), internal communication channels. I still build websites and create newsletters, but currently using Wordpress, Wix.com and Mail Chimp.

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